Gran Canaria Offers Unforgettable Moments of Pleasure and Joy
Gran Canaria is the second most populous island of the Canary Islands, with 838,397 inhabitants, constituting almost the half of the population of the Islands. The island, as all the islands of the Canary Archipelago, is of volcanic origin, which made it a unique destination, especially for those who seek original landscapes and environments.

The ground, the flora and the fauna of the island made it famed destination and the virgin beaches managed to develop it to popular island resort. Nearly half of the island territory is under protection, providing nature reserves and integral nature reserves (El Brezal, Azuaje, Inagua and Barranco Oscuro are some interesting reserves), natural parks (Tamadaba and Pilancones), rural parks (Nublo and Doramas), natural monuments (Amagro, Bandama, Montañón Negro and many more), protected landscapes (La Isleta and Pino Santo are the most famed) and four sites of scientific interest (Jinámar, Tufia, Roque de Gando and Juncalillo del Sur).

It is quite obvious that the local authorities count on the environment and made Nature a national landmark. The landscape of the territory is not the only sight of the island, since some extraordinary and entertaining activities may occur on Gran Canaria. Palmitos Park (a modern aquarium) and Camel Park Arteara (a zoo), are only two options for our little friends and their families, while water parks, such as the Lago Oasis Waterpark, the Aqualand Maspalomas and the Aqualand can splash you cheerily. More distinct choices also can be made, with amusement and theme parks, such as the Holiday World Maspalomas and the Sioux City, a unique Wild West park set.

More than 2 million tourists visit the islands annually, because of the different climates and variety of landscapes found. Long beaches and dunes of white sand, contrasting with green ravines and picturesque villages offer remarkable pictures and views to the inspired tourists who choose Gran Canaria for their holidays!